Immigrant story

Karinas story of how she got to the us and her experience


Nigel Lorick is from Trinidad Tobago and he explains how growing up in America was a difficult journey.

A Multi-Cultural Experience

In this audio, we talked about Sheryl’s childhood and experiences since then.

Learning more about this woman’s life

This interview was very emotional and heartwarming.Asking my mother these questions about her and her personal life made me realize how life was like for her . For these past experiences and our family, it helped her become an outstanding...

Interview with Saba

This is an interview with my grandpa Avi Saks, who is an immigrant from Israel. He discussed his ansestors and parents that came to America and Israel as well.

My Immigrant Experience

Joe Pacino describes his experience emigrating to the USA from Italy.Then added his early years here in the states.

“Coming to America”

My dad, Idrissa Koroma, spoke with me about the year that he moved our family from Guinea in West Africa to America.