My Good Grief: A conversation about grief and the journey to healing
November 7, 2023 App Interview

Larry Eiler, a retired PR professional and widow, speaks with Elizabeth Kagan, a graduate student at University of Michigan, on his wife's unexpected passing in 2015. He shares his journey of how he's learned to manage his grief and his...

Interviewed Scott Ransburg about Communication

I interviewed my dad about how he thinks communication has changed over time.

Communication interview Project Grant Godwin, Melva Godwin

This is a interview, about how commuincation has changed in my mothers life time growing up and what has commuincation has become.

gender communication

this interview is a interview about communication between male and female coming from a perspective of a young adult.

Peggy Collinsmith and Caroline Sullivan

Peggy Collinsmith (63) interviews her friend Sister Caroline Sullivan O.P. (79) about her childhood, growing up in the United Kingdom, civic dialogue, and Caroline’s work within her religion.

Scott Nelsen and Kristie Nelsen

Spouses Scott Nelson (55) and Kristie Nelson (47) discuss his time in the Air Force. Scott started as an Air Force musician and later became an air communications specialist.

Hochan Won and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Hochan Won was born in South Korea, and her family immigrated to the United States when she was six years old. After going to school, graduating, and working in the Boston area she and her...

John McGrath and Cynthia Aki

Friends John McGrath (83) and Cynthia Aki [no age given] recall John being a prisoner of war in Hanoi, Vietnam, for six years and Cynthia’s service in the military.