January 19, 2018 app

A conversation with the love of my life.

December 6, 2017 app
Thoughts on social media development

During this interview we discussed how social media has effected Trent personally throughout his life.

December 4, 2017 app
Parents media interview

I interviewed my parents (born in 54 & 62) on how media has changed as they were growing up. They believe that communication was the main thing that has changed.

December 2, 2017 app
Growing Up in Rural Oklahoma

Growing up with little to no media in a small midwestern town.

December 1, 2017 app
We don’t communicate like we used to

We talked about the way society has changed because of phones. As well as how my moms life has changed

November 30, 2017 app
Last minute assignment

Assignment that I made my boyfriend do with me

November 27, 2017 app
The Most Meaningful Moments

I quiz my girlfriend on the most meaningful moments our relationship has had to offer. How these moments have had implications in Destinee’s life. Toward the end comes a short reflection on the meaning of family.

November 27, 2017 app
Comm 245 Interview

This was an interview I conducted with my mom originally, because it was an assignment, but coming out of it I can say this is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with her.