Immigrating to the United States during the Cold War

I interviewed my grandma, Alexsandra Warzecha (76), discussing her story of emigrating to the United States of America. Furthermore, describing her time in Poland during the Cold War, and at a time of Communist ruling. Ultimately, describing her life as...

My Mom and Her Life

my mom, Dominika shiell, age 21 (for the past 25 years) talked about her life experiences including growing up during the aftermath of WWII and growing up under the Russian occupation of Poland, aka communist rule over Poland.

Jennifer Weston and Paul Wood

One Small Step partners Jennifer Weston (56) and Paul Wood (59) discuss the people and events that have most influenced their beliefs, why they are often troubled by people with similar beliefs, and why they are scared about the current...

Harriet Reisen and Tony Kahn

Husband and wife Tony Kahn (78) and Harriet Reisen (78) talk about Tony's experience growing up as the son of a blacklisted Hollywood screenwriter. Tony reflects on how he has experienced the feelings of belonging and home throughout his life.

From Ho Chi Minh City to San Diego: Stories from a Child of Communism (1971-1993)

Hear first-hand accounts of bombings and war while growing up under communism, as well as a comparison between today's life in Saigon versus communist life in Ho Chi Minh City. Trang Dinh (52) talks with her son, Andy Hoang (16),...

Alice MacAllister and Timothy King

Alice MacAllister (72) comes into the booth with her friend Timothy "Tim" King (67) to tell him about her childhood home, her father, and her love for music.


Irma Gobcewicz on communism in poland and marshal law in poland.