Emily Tompkins and Joseph Loftus

Emily Tomkins (29) and One Small Step partner Joseph "Joe" Loftus (68) discuss their different political beliefs and find common ground around income inequality and being self-described "introverts."

Interview with Carmen Iglesias
December 26, 2022 App Interview

Carmen Iglesias was born in a town run by a Boston Sugarmill company in Cuba. Today we interview my grandmother about her time as a citizen in Cuba. We get to hear first hand experience about how Cuba was like...

Życie mojej Babci

In this interview, conducted in November 2022 in Palos Park, Illinois, Aleksandra Kasprzak (13) interviews her grandmother Elżbieta Joniak (66) about growing up in Poland.

Teri Marton and Terry Quinn

Teri Marton (82) shares her experiences in and escape from Hungary during WWII with her friend and neighbor Terry Quinn (66).

Seeking the Golden Rice Bowl: an Interview with Tony Yuenkai Liu

Tony Liu (79) talks with his daughter, Tana Liu-Beers (42), about leaving China on the eve of Mao's takeover.

Sally Gilbert and Jeri Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Sally Gilbert (67) and Jeri Thompson (63) discuss their shared experiences growing up in the South, raising children, and reckoning with their race. They reflect on their generational connection and their hopes for the future.

Communist Youth Festival 1962

Adventures of the CIA recruits’ efforts to interrupt the Communist festival in Finland.

My Nana's Experiences While Coming to America

In this interview, my Nana and I talk about her childhood in Hungary and her experiences coming to America amidst The Hungarian Revolution.