Alexander Muromcew and Kelsey Yarzab

A One Small Step conversation between Alexander Muromcew (59) and Kelsey Yarzab (24) at the public library in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where they discuss their beliefs and opinions around Libertarianism and Communitarianism, Capitalism and Socialism, and the role of government....

My mother’s journey to the United States

The firsthand story of my mother shifting her life from a third world country to working hard and beginning a new life

An interview with my grandpa (on my mother’s side)

I gave an interview to my grandpa and asked him about his life and his life in general. Here is some background information about Grandpa Xu: Grandpa Xu is currently 71 years old and was born in 1948 in Shanxi,...

Interview with Enid Baciu and her granddaughter, Stephanie Espino

Enid speaks about her reason for moving from Romania to the U.S. She also speaks about her childhood and what her life was like living in a communist country, especially during Ceausescu’s rule.

My mother Margaret Krueger talks about the key points in her early life growing up in communist Poland

In this interview conducted in December 2018 in Plano Texas, Conrad Krueger interviews his mother about her childhood living in communist Poland. A lot of it was talked about was during the end of the Cold War, which included what...

Vietnam war

I have learned that the Vietnam war wasn’t worth it. No one won or lost and our troops were treated really bad.

A Stranger in America

The interview took place in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey on December 3, 2017. I chose to interview my dad, Kenny Phung, 48, because he always leaves an impact on my life every single day. My parents are divorced and...

James Newman, Denis Newman, and Christian Newman

Father, Jim Newman (72) and mother, Denis Newman (70) tell their son, Christian Newman (45) the story about their time living in Czechoslovakia.

Abraham Goldbaum, Daniel Stock, and Ruth Goldbaum

Abraham Goldbaum talks to his grandson, Daniel Stock, and daughter, Ruth Goldbaum, about his love of music, life as an activist and traveling with his wife, Etta. Now at 100 years of age, he continues to sing in the rock...