Interview with my dad Gary Jenkins

In this interview, I ask my father questions about starting his own business.

Conversation with Mark Rudd

We talked about his upbringing and how he built himself to be a successful entrepreneur.

Interview with an essential worker

Interview with an essential worker who works for the bell Gardens community

Little Bit of Hope in a Time of Despair

I interviewed my step-mother, D’Audra Cole-Hunter, about her experiences in a social media community, as a small business owner, and a believer of God in a time of hate, hopelessness, and despair.

Interview with a successful preschool owner

I spoke with my mother about topics involving her small business, the pandemic, and media coverage

Sandie and The City of Memphis.

I spoke with Ms. Sandie Whittington about her gluten-free cookie business, the city of Memphis, and Loss.

Deliberating with Dad

Me and my father talk about his eventful life he’s spent across the country.