The idea of trying to find a better life is part of the human condition

Supervisor Penelope Gross, who represents the Mason District in Fairfax County, shares stories about her career and community. This conversation was a part of the “All Together Now: Share Your Stories” program for the Fairfax County Public Library’s 2023 Summer...

Kurt McCoy and Elizabeth Gibbs

Kurt McCoy (47) and Elizabeth Gibbs (45) compare and contrast their upbringings (hers near London and his in South Carolina) with raising their own children today in the Southern United States.

History 10 final project

Interviewing Kylie Hokanson about her childhood and memories she has.

Historia de Gloria y su tiempo en un pais nuevo

Today we spoke about her story in coming from Mexico to living a new life in the United States. We go in depth about her experience and her families experience.

Ali interviews his mom

Ali interviews his mom about her life and story’s about her family.

Vietnam interview

asked grandma questions about the Vietnam war

Sam and Pat

I interviewed my grandma about her past.

Oral History

Interview of my grandfather where we learn a little about how he experienced the world as a child, teen, and young adult in America from the period 1952~1974