Shyra Moran and Angela Morrison

Mentee Shyra Moran (40) speaks with her mentor Angela Morrison (64) about their shared experience with Greek letter organizations, Angela’s leadership as the first Black president of the Junior League of Lafayette, and words of wisdom from mentor to mentee.

Claudia Coello

Claudia Coello (27) comparte memorias de su niñez en Honduras, su immigración a los Estados Unidos, la creación de su propio negocio y la formación de su familia. También, ella discute el impacto que ha tenido Children's Home Society of...

Michael Walling, Yongjun Li, and May Hua

Colleagues Michael "Mike" Walling (54), YoungJun Li (45) and May Hua [no age given] discuss their cultural heritage and their work with the Chinese Association of Greater Kalamazoo (CAGK).

Terry Hampton and C Toney Aid

Friends, C. Toney Aid (71) and Terry Hampton (61), share a conversation about the life of artist, L. L. Broadfoot, as well as how Broadfoot's artwork depicting 19th and early 20th-century Ozarkians came to reside at the Harlin Museum in...

Erma Banks and Callie McGinnis

Friends and colleagues, Erma Banks [no age given] and Callie McGinnis (77), discuss their former workplace: Columbus Area Library Association (CALA). They talk about the formation of the organization, pivotal characters in its development, and the events they created to...

Jenn Collins and Brad Barnes

Spouses Jenn Collins (48) and Brad Barnes (51) sit down for a conversation about their lifestyle as small scale farmers. They discuss their simple living ethos and their favorite parts of farming, as well as the importance of community gardens...

Darlena Moore and Samuel Moore

Spouses Darlena Moore (60) and Samuel Moore (62) share a conversation about how they first met, Darlena’s time in foster care, and their family.

Time to chase a storm

Why become a storm chaser and what's it like to be one