Reza Nekumanesh and Linda Gleason

One Small Step conversation partners Reza Nekumanesh (46) and Linda Gleason (63) talk about their work in the Fresno community, interfaith work, and their hopes for Fresno's future.

Sundra Flansburg and Robin Bumbera

One Small Step partners, Sundra Flansburg (63) and Robin Bumbera (60), share about their experience as mothers, what they find important, and how visiting Central American and Caribbean countries have shaped their views about politics and poverty.

Virginia Avery and Rohanna Erin

Colleagues Virginia Avery (44) and Rohanna Erin (36) reflect on their work with young mothers. Virginia shares how her experience as a young mother impacts her work and worldview.

Emily Hummel and Heather Brewer

Conversation partners Heather Brewer (53) and Emily Hummel (68) talk about Heather's early life, they discuss military life, family and Heather also speaks about her life as a pastor.

Judith Barba Perez and Lehabim Escoto Flores

Judith Barba Perez (31) y su esposo, Lehabim Escoto Flores (34), comparten una conversación sobre sus experiencias al inmigrar a los Estados Unidos desde México y el trabajo que ahora hacen para apoyar a otros inmigrantes. [Judith Barba Perez (31)...

Moving beyond ourselves and the general population to get community mobilized: Mitchell Kahn

As a social work pioneer in New Jersey, Mitchell Kahn, MSW, shares the heart behind community organizing and grassroots movements. After spending over 40 years at Ramapo College of New Jersey and serving as the director of the Baccalaureate Social...

Debbie King and El Campbell

Debbie King (42) shares a conversation with her friend, El Campbell (31), about gender fluidity, coming out, community, capitalism, and living with a chronic illness.

Rita Blank and Barbara Goldstein

Friends and colleagues, Rita Blank (71) and Barbara Goldstein (63), reflect on how being children of Holocaust survivors has affected their lives and perspectives and discuss their work at the Holocaust Education Resource Council.