Karthik Vasudevan talks to his daughter, Anisha about his childhood growing up at a boarding school in India. He recalls how his memories and experiences there have influenced who he is today.

13 year old getaway driver
December 9, 2023 App Interview

Michelle Purvey (56), mother of Angelina Purvey (15), describes the time she "stole" a car at the age of 13. Some people call it stealing but she describes it as a joy ride. The disappointment from her mother was worth...

Hana Maddox and Reed Greger- 12/06/2023

12/6/2023 I, Hana Maddox (she/her), 19, interview Reed Greger (he/they), 20, a gay member of the Lincoln community on his experience and stories of finding his identity in a world designed for him to hide it and what it means...

Trang Tran and Andrea Sanchez

Trang(18) talks with Andrea(40) about her life growing up in touch with her Hispanic background and her life after having kids.

Too Many Mice

Chloe Jennings(15) listens to her mom, Alex Jennings(49) as she tells a childhood memory of her first pet that was a disaster. (Image featured: Chloe at a young age with her mom, Alex)

Life of a Doctor
December 4, 2023 App Interview

An interview with Elizabeth Sanfelippo, a life-long clinician and educator, dedicated to her medical career from the young age, spending all her time studying.

Fiorella Lazarte and John Fox
December 1, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Fiorella "Fio" Lazarte (36) and John Fox (67) meet for a one-on-one conversation at the Teton County Library. Fio is a 3rd grade teacher at a dual immersion (bilingual) elementary school and identifies as liberal....

Glenda Reynolds and Glenda Dart

One Small Step conversation partners Glenda Reynolds (76) and Glenda Dart (76) talk about their lives and similarities, their political values, children in need of social services, term limits, and politicans more worried about their donors than their consituents.