Past and future media

Charlina Lilly (my mom) talking about how technology was for her growing up in the 80’s to now. A nice insight to how things have really changed from her eyes

Learning computer lingo

I talked to Dyllan about the process of getting into to building computers. He went into how he starting building and price ranges for products.

Interview with Brian and River Morgan

River asks Brian questions about art and computers, as well as some insights about amputees.

Ammar Agarwal – Computer Programming Interview
October 28, 2020 App Interview

I interview Ammar Agarwal and ask questions related to computer programming.

Computing: 1984 – 2019

Michael Kremer talks about the changes in computing from 1984 til 2019.

The great thanksgiving listen

The person i interviewed was paul and i asked him some questions about his personal life and some of the hobbies he had when he was a child

JMeyer Methodologies – with Amit Shahar

This is a brief seven minute interview surrounding the Y2K bug from the perspective of a computer expert.

Immigration Stories Italy: Lamin Tamba

Lamin Tamba, who goes by Lamin, and in our interview he shares horrific details of his journey from Senegal to Libya and then ultimately pushed onto a boat into the Mediterranean Sea in complete darkness, hoping he makes it safely...