Lessons With Mom

Today I talked to my mom about lessons she’s learned throughout her life.

January 11, 2019
Noah Pitts

We look at my grandfather’s (Dale W. Riley) life and how confidence played a part into it.

USEM Project

We talked about our relationships with our parents and advice to our teenage selves.

Adam and Madison

Small town boy from Pennsylvania moves to Michigan to pursue his passions.

Cigarettes, Sunscreen and Diner Coffee

An interview with my Aunt (Tita) as it referred to in Tagalog, about her life and professional development

December 29, 2017
Thankful for technology and how they help blind people

Betsy gives thanks for technology for helping making her life as a blind person more accessible. As a ham radio operator, she has spoken to people all over the world and communicated through morse code. She has even made technology...