Jody Esselstyn and Michael Barnard

[Recorded Friday, December 10, 2021] Jody Esselstyn (50) and Michael Barnard (64) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Jody is a school nurse and mother of three living in suburban Charlottesville, and Michael is retired from a...

Rick Willis and Sean Gallagher

One Small Step participants, Rick Willis (60) and Sean Gallagher (47), discuss their upbringing, their relationship with their fathers, and how personal political beliefs.

Arlene Thompson and Dana Ellis

One Small Step participants Dana Ellis (67) and Arlene Thompson (67) discuss their upbringing in the south, how COVID-19 has affected their lives, their frustration with the stalemate in Congress and what issues they would like to see be tackled.

Ann Davison and Margaret Harding

Margaret "Marty" Harding (84) talks to her friend Ann Davison (57) about her childhood as a sharecropper's daughter in rural Virginia, what it was like being the first member of her family to attend college, and her experience working on...

Tony Barker and Michael Starr

Friends and One Small Step partners Tony Barker (58) and Michael Bob Starr (52) discuss their upbringings, shared experiences in the air force, and how they shape their views. Tony defines "civility" and what it means to him in conversations...

Covid-19: Lila Chapman

Jackie Neale talks with her student, Lila Chapman about how she is feeling in the time of the Coronavirus global pandemic. Lila is Jackie's ungrad photography student at the New York Film Academy and upon being given the stay-at-home mandate...

A conversation with Representative Brenda Lopez Romero | Latinx Activism

Representative Brenda Lopez Romero, who made history as she was the first latina elected official to the Georgia general assembly. She was sworn in 2017. She’s a proud gwinnettian, attorney and small business owner. When she’s not working at the...

Running for office as a democratic woman in North Texas

Two women who ran as Democratic candidates for State House and for Congress in Texas discuss life on the campaign trail in the 2018 midterm election.