Ash Rainey and Ryan Rainey

Ash Rainey(21) talks with brother Ryan (49) about all the different meals and food cultures they have experienced and made over the years. 2023-10-25 21:00:59

Keith Mosier and Michael Lunter

Friends Keith Mosier (64) and Michael Lunter (65) discuss how they met, their work with people with AIDS, how they got involved with the community organization Food Outreach, their coming out stories, the AIDS epidemic and the legal protection that...

Recording – 09-10-2023 20:12:33

In this interview my grandmother Bertha Kennedy talked about her job as a cook.The love that she get from her cooking is amazing .she has a famous pound cake that everybody like.

Shymeria Stone and Noah Hack

Friends Shymeria Stone (24) and Noah Hack (22) talk about their forever friendship, some fond memories they have with one another, and some wisdom they have learned over the years.

Interview with my Friend Isa

Isabella Fleites (21 y/o) is interviewed by her friend Angelica Lugo (21 y/o) about her relationship with food. Disclaimer: Isa mentions that food is accessible to everyone in this interview and apologizes for it. She was speaking on behalf of...

Leah Okimoto and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Leah Okimoto was born in upstate New York, and after having to move to several places across the country, she settled in Marlboro, Massachusetts, where she cemented her childhood. In New York City, she pursued...

We are related to Benjamin Franklin

I learned that me and my grandma are related to Benjamin Franklin. I learned she lived in 8 Different states. Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, and Texas. not in the order. And she lived in 38 different...

John Nettles’ interview with his uncle and Private Chef, Andy Ennis.

On December 25, 2022, in New Hope, Pennsylvania, John Nettles (16) interviewed his Uncle, Andy Ennis (58) about both his memorable childhood growing up in Michiana, Michigan, along with his career as a private chef. Born in 1964, Andy always...

interview with Jerry Yang

I (Seth Hackbarth) had the privilege to interview Jerry Yang. I had the honor to get to know my friend and fellow soccer player.

interview with a community member
July 26, 2022 App Interview

interview with grandpa who was a previous restaurant owner in miami