interview with a community member
July 26, 2022 App Interview

interview with grandpa who was a previous restaurant owner in miami

Orange You Glad You Did This Amanda?

Interview between Claudia (Miami) and Amanda (Georgia) about their relationship with food and cooking.

My grandmother recounts her family and culture

Tristan (13) and his grandmother talk about her life as part of a working class family from a small town.

Matthew Riley and Vivienne Montague

Vivienne Montague (83) talking to grandson Matthew Riley (34) about her life, legacy, and experiences living through WWII in England, moving to the US in the '60s, and later moving to Montana.

Priya Mahadevan and Allan Stam

[Recorded Thursday, December 14, 2021] Priya (50s) and Allan (60) recorded a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They talked about their experiences living in various countries around the world, immigration, family, and their shared love of cooking.

Interview for It and Essentials

Me and my Mother talk about what it aas like growing up in a house of 11

Interview With My Dad

We talked about his life and how covid effected him.

Cooking with my mom

Personal life. Ups and downs in life . and the troubles one had.