The Covid-19 Pandemic

My interviewee was my mother, Zara Pakroo. She is 51 years old. I interviewed her about the Covid-19 pandemic, more specifically the government’s handling of it and how she has felt with precautions and safety measures.

How historical events influenced Marly Meulemans’ childhood & adulthood

In this interview, Taylor Allan (16) interviews Marly Meulemans (84) about historical events that took place in her childhood and how they influenced her later life. These historical events include the Polio epidemic and WWII.

ER Dr. talks about covid

ER dr. interviewed about covid and time working with it around

Managing EVS Through A Pandemic

I sat down with Mary Parra, an Environmental Service Manager at a hospital in Texas, to find out how was it from a housekeeping standpoint dealing with one of the most scary times in world history.

COVID-19 Interview
December 16, 2021 App Interview

discussing the change from COVID-19 pandemic shutdown

Maddy Shearer Interviews Thomas Shearer about Heroes, a Pandemic, and Being a Teenager in a Digital Age.

In this interview, recorded on the 28th of November, 2021 in Flower Mound, Texas, Madeleine (Maddy) Shearer (15) interviews her little brother Thomas Shearer (13) about the intricate issues of the world they live in, as well as heroes, dishonest...

Darcy Brito and Maria Brito

Darcy Brito (50) comparte una conversación con su madre, María Brito (69), en recuerdo del padre de Darcy y el esposo de María, Rogelio Brito. [Darcy Brito (50) shares a conversation with her mother, Maria Brito (69), in remembrance of...

Christina Lee and Miya Libman

Christina Heyon Lee (50) and her daughter, Miya Libman (19), talk about identity and the recent rise in racial violence toward Asian Americans. They talk about watching Korean shows and using Korean food and music to embrace their Korean heritage.

Life During Coronavirus

How the pandemic has affected people’s lives