John Ellis and Kara Silva

One Small Step partners John Ellis (43) and Kara Silva (51) discuss their shared love of the mind-expanding view travel provides. They reflect upon their difference religious views but shared sense of the importance of family and connection with other...

Gong-Gong growing up in Vietnam

I decided to record one of the walks that we have with my grandparents every day around our block, and ask my Grandpa who we call Gong-Gong about what it was like for him growing up in Vietnam as the...

Paulette Terwilliger shares her family's account of surviving the Holocaust in occupied France

Paulette Terwilliger (nee Paulette Forst) was born to a young Jewish couple in France during the height of World War II. Now a resident of Fearrington Village, she spoke with fellow resident John Eckblad about her family’s wartime experience. In...

William Hinderer and Jeb Backe

William "Bill" Hinderer (78) talks to StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about serving in the Army during the Vietnam War. He reflects on enlisting, going through officer training school, and reuniting with his wife in Hawaii.

LueRachelle Brim-Atkins and Jacquelyn Howard

Friends LueRachelle Brim-Atkins (76) and Jacquelyn Howard [no age given] discuss LueRachelle's childhood in Texas and her experiences with desegregation at the University of Texas. After college, LueRachelle took an internship as a teacher in Rochester, NY, and ultimately moved...

The Girlfriend Series: Cindy and Pam

Cindy and Pam talk about how they met in the bank drive-through window and how their friendship has inspired each of them. They talk life, kids and what it means to do things they never had before!

el Camino de Domingo

En esta entrevista, Domingo habla de su camino de México a los Estados Unidos. El menciona que en su proceso de estar aquí tenía que adaptarse para enfrentar obstáculos para prosperar en Nueva York donde llegó. El dejó la familia...

history interview

first we both introduced ourselves and got comfortable. Then we talked about how the Vietnam War influenced her college life. this then led into how the Vietnam war influenced her teaching career as well as her home life.

Interview with Kaienat

A discussion with Kaienat Tahitian, 19, friend to the interviewer, Julio Meyer, where she opens up about her life.

long way from home

my name is cassie saeteurn, age 17 and i am interviewing my mom who is mahn hin saeteurn. this is a story on how she came from laos to the u.s and her escape from the vietnam war.