Lucia Rocco and Zoey Rocco

A school assignment was to interview someone I was interested in hearing a story from and ask good questions. I chose my 4 year old daughter to interview because I am amazed every day watching her grow and learn. I...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Cousin interview going through work life and growing up.

Recording – 12-01-2023 20:33:56
December 2, 2023 App Interview

I interviewed my cousin isaac we are both in our 20’s

Anna and I

me and Anna have a conversation about our day, our favorite foods and some funny memories.

Maya Freschi interviewing her Grandma Kathy on November 22nd, 2023
November 26, 2023 App Interview

In this interview conducted on November 22nd, 2023, in Calpine, CA, Maya Freschi interviews her grandma Kathy about her experiences in life and how they have shaped who she is as a person.

Memories and Dreams

Clarissa Acosta(15) interviews and questions her cousin, Elizabeth Martinez(17) about her over all life and K-12 experience as a senior in highschool. Clarissa Acosta: 2023-11-08 00:26:47

Fred Sanchez and Brenda Rodriguez

Cousins Brenda Rodriguez (62) and Fred Sanchez (57) discuss their ancestors with a focus on their great-great grandfather Salvador Sanchez whom they learned was a Navajo nation member.

All About Life With The Cousins

Abrianna Hernandez talks to her little cousins, Jacob and Joshua Quesada, about all things life. In this wholesome interview, old memories, funny stories, future wishes, and so much more are being shared.

Discovering the Bling in Life with Francesca DiGiovanni and Susan Pescatore!

Francesca (15) interviews her Aunt Susie (52) on December 5, 2022 about their childhoods and how their lives have changed as the years go by. They discuss the difference in how they both grew up and their wishes for the...

Noah and Zachary
November 27, 2022 App Interview

Noah interviews his cousin Zach and has an intricate convo about his experience puking in Korea.