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My grandpa’s story

My grandfather migrated from Mexico and came to the United States on a look for his sister. He decided to bring along his family and move to Fresno for a fresh new start .

Immigrant Interview W/ Cindy&Mom

Living an optimistic life back home positively affected the American Dream for my mom, Sothairy Eng.

An Interview With My Deskmate

I sat down and interviewed my English class deskmate, Sadie, to gain insight into her experience with immigration and how she feels about being here in the United States. Although she’s only been here for a short time, she has...

Dylan Castillo Interview

I learned that my father came to the United States at a young age because of financial problems. He reflects on his decision to cross over.

Unknown American interview
October 13, 2018 App Interview

Gabi takes me through her life in Equador, the good and bad things. Her excitement of moving to the states and why she’s glad she made the move and her thoughts on moving back to Equador.

The Unknown story of Vani Man

Vani Man talks about her experience from being born in Hong Kong to moving to Canada to moving to United States.

“I just go with the flow”

Living in two countries has its advantages but can take some getting used to. Rishi explains how his past life in India relates and differs from his life in America. “In India families are close, here it seems we live...

You Work for The American Dream

Half a year ago I went to my first interview, half a year ago I didn’t expect the tables to turn and have me interview my manager. This is Griselda Covos and I follow her along and learn more about...

Dustin’s story

This is a story on how Dustin immigrated to the U.S. and how he felt.

Interview with my Mom

My mom talked about how she immigrated to the U.S. to give me and my siblings a better life. She has faced discrimination and hardships, in terms of finding a good job, but feels proud about becoming a U.S. citizen.