Classmate Interview E9-1

I interviewed Anagha, and she is 14 years old. She is my classmate. Throughout the interview she talks heavily about the experience with covid and how it impacted her.

Sisters in Christ – Golden Girls: Becky Walton, June Papen, and Mary Catherine Postlethwait.

Becky Walton, June Papen, and Mary Catherine Postlethwait are all in their 80s, but that doesn't stop them from giggling a bit as they discuss their friendships stemming back as far as the 1940s in Kent County, Delaware.

Izzy COVID19

Izzy Smith(24) and Baz Jecha(23) discuss Izzy's experience with the COVID-19 Pandemic while in University. They discuss where they were and how the pandemic affected their schooling.

Maggie Donlevie, Ethan Humphrey, and Caroline Ries

Maggie Donlevie (19) interviews Ethan Humphrey (18) and Caroline Ries (17) about their experiences regarding college admissions during the COVID 19 pandemic

Aaron Steich Covid-19 Experience

Cameron Skiles talks with Aaron Steich about his experiences and life during Covid-19.