Adam Cico Hampton NH COVID Experiences Interview with Megan Cico

Adam Cico: 2021-06-07 21:52:46 Adam (age 17) talks to his sister Megan (age 23) about their experiences in COVID and compare and contrast how they were both affected by the events happening around them.

Griswold Home Care Project On Resilience- Moving Forward Stronger with Filosa Hancock Hall

Beth Moeller from Griswold Home Care sat down with Pam Shepperd-Katra, director of social work for Filosa/Hancock Hall and Medicare Nurse/MDS coordinator, Kathy Berry, in Danbury, one of communities outside of New York that was hardest hit at the outset...

Jaden Bross and Kami Bross

Jaden Bross talks with his mom, asking her questions about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Covid Interview

Ethan Rex (16) talks to David Rotenberg (53) about the effects of covid-19.

COVID 19 Interview C. Clabaugh

Today I, Colin Clabaugh interviewed my father Christopher, 46, who works for a staffing company. He explains the changes of life throughout the ongoing pandemic.

daughter interviews her mom a college professor about her covid life.

I interviewed my mom who is a college professor about her life in covid and the whole pandemic.

Covid-19 interview with Paige Adams and James Celentano

Paige Adams (16) talks with her boyfriend James Celentano (17)about the struggles of moving and making new friends in the middle of a global pandemic

Covid-19 Interview by Emily Kissling- Interviewing Joan Kissling

This interview talks about how Covid- 19 has effect my grandmother and her thoughts on Covid-19.

Covid-19 Pandemic Interview with Janell Gravitt

In this interview, I ask my mom several questions about living through a world wide pandemic and how it has affected her.

COVID-19 Interview

An interview about a high school senior who had an altered school year.