Kiele Sin – Sila and Moneeq

Test test both college students; Moneeq attends Miramar while Sila goes to UCSD. Mostly just work stories and their personal aspirations/lives.

Kiele Sin – Georgia

Georgia’s life as an immigrant, from when she was in grade school to her time in college to the present time, having had kids and wedded. Offers advice about working in competitive fields and how she dealt with racial discrimination...

The Spotlight With Anghelo Gomez Ft. Joel Grijalva If you want to hear the interview I wrote it down in the summary the whole interview.

Hello there, my name is Anghelo Gomez. I am here with one of my coworker; Joel Grijalva who is 21. I’ve know Joel since August of 2021. He and I have gotten along pretty well. The story I’m going tell...

My mother’s talents, values, and life lessons

I interview my mother about her work, her childhood, and her plans for the future.

Abebech Mergia and Charlie Shin

Abebeck, a caregiver with PACE, talks with coworker Charlie about Fasika (Ethiopian Easter) and explains this special time in her culture. Also talks about the importance of neighbors, coworkers and participants.

Accounting Anecdotes

I talk with my dad about his life, we talk about everything from growing up in the prairie to living overseas and auditing companies with challenging business degrees.

What made you who you are?

This interview is about my coworker Jennifer. Someone who inspires me on a daily, reminds me to keep my head on straight, and do my best always. To Jennifer, It was a pleasure learning about you more. I love you...

Maggie’s Military, Music, Marriage

Maggie Fox (my coworker) tells her story of her musical military lover. And how when you stop searching for someone to love that person finds their way to you. They have now been happily married for 48 years and still...

Interviewing Kebir my work dad

Interviewing my work dad and obtaining knowledge for my life and advice for my future.