Brian Mitchell and John Knorr

One Small Step partners Brian Mitchell (73) and John Knorr (60) have a conversation where they cover a range of topics from their ties to the 1968 Chicago Democratic National Convention to their shared view that the polarized nature of...

Julie Gunderson and Stephanie Chamberlain

Julie Gunderson [no age given] talks with her Stanford Health Care colleague Stephanie Chamberlain [no age given] about spreading joy during the holidays through the annual toy drive supporting local families in need.

Patrick McNameeKing and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Patrick McNameeKing (34) and Morgan Zipf-Meister (39), coworkers at StoryCorps, share a conversation about the outdoors, building community, and creativity. They touch on the pandemic’s effects on adventuring and collaboration.

Leigh Thomas and Connie Welsh

Leigh Thomas (55) and coworker Connie Welsh (43) detail the work they do managing the various gardens at Innisfree Village, exchange favorite memories, and reflect on their hopes for the future of their community.

Rorie Hutter and Barbara Fried

Colleagues Barbara Fried (87) and Rorie Hutter (43) talk about the beginning of Innisfree Village, their time working together, and their hopes for the next 50 years of Innisfree as they approach the community's 50 year anniversary.

Kiele Sin – Sila and Moneeq

Test test both college students; Moneeq attends Miramar while Sila goes to UCSD. Mostly just work stories and their personal aspirations/lives.

Kiele Sin – Georgia

Georgia’s life as an immigrant, from when she was in grade school to her time in college to the present time, having had kids and wedded. Offers advice about working in competitive fields and how she dealt with racial discrimination...