Interviewing My Aunt: Rania Kadri

Interviewing my mom’s sister, an aunt of mine that I have always been close with. I found out there is a lot more to her than I thought.

Carlos Final

Interview with vaughn from work

Comm 203 Final Interview – Lino Lupinetti

Looking at the journey of Dr. Thomas Lupinetti from a child to a owner of LRH Dentistry.

Jackie Annis and her story

From drugs recovery to hair dressing jackie’s got it all

the Great Thanksgiving listen project

In this interview I learn so much about my sister and some of the things she like and the obstacles she had faced

José Ródriguez, 26 years of experience at VW and current manager of pre-series at Volkswagen Chattanooga (Spanish)

I did an interview to my stepfather. His name is José Luis Ródriguez but everyone calls him Puma. He has been an employee of Volkswagen for 26 years now. He shares what his most important achievements were while he was...

It’s Family: A Conversation Between Two Co-Managers

Greg and I worked together for five years at the St. Louis Bread Company in St. Charles, Missouri. We grew very close in our time together. Sit down with us in the cafe for a conversation about our work together....