Benjamin Ewing, Mike Mentz, and Brent Swanson

Benjamin Ewing (19) talks with his coworkers Mike Mentz (23) and Brent Swanson (37) about the glass blowing program at Flint Institute of the Arts, Benjamin's experience as an intern for the Corning Museum of Glass, his growth as an...

Hayley Randol and Crystal Pepperdine

Friends and colleagues Hayley Randol (33) and Crystal Pepperdine (37) talk about meeting through the arts and crafts community, the impacts their efforts have had on the Flint community, and the friendships that have formed because of their group, Yarn...

Hannah Brewer and her mom, Susan Brewer, talk about becoming and being a photographer.

On December 6, 2018, Hannah Brewer and Susan Brewer had a very good conversation. Hannah learned more about her mom and her mom’s job. She learned that life as a new photographer wasn’t always easy but Susan definitely enjoys her...

Greeting cards

I interviewed an old classmate from my first college and we talked about the card making club she was a part of. We talked about the gender and folklore of this club