Trinity Episcopal School One Small Step – 04-05-2024

Trinity faculty member Amy Chaplin and junior Elizabeth Ray explore their interests in art and music.

Stephanie Hurd and Ali Manning

Friends Stephanie Hurd (29) and Ali Manning (35) talk about their careers in food & wellness and the ways in which they practice self care. The friends reflects on how these topics existed in their childhoods and what advice they...

" My Life was a blessing from God"

Ella Douglass interviewed Kwangsoon Marchall about her life in Korea and her experiences with growing up in a christian household. Today is November 24th, the day after thanksgiving. Today she interviewed her Grandmother and we discussed her life in Korea...


I (Ava, 14) interview best friends and neighbors Christopher (11) and Colette (10). Christopher is my brother and Colette neighbor and family friend. They talk about their friendship and their futures.

Ottie James and Franchesca Peña

Ottie James (31) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña (27) about his life as a performance artist, reflecting on his relationship to spirituality, his role as a father, and the biggest influences on his life and work.

Marc Bady and Keith Bergthold

One Small Step Partners, Marc Bady (38) and Keith Bergthold (72), discuss their community involvement in Fresno and reflect on the role that music, arts, and culture can play in being unifying forces.

William Salmon and Jessica Harris

Friends William "Russell" Salmon (44) and Jessica Harris (39) speak about what home means to them and the ways in which the meaning of home has evolved for them over time.