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“Be good to other people, and they’ll be good to you”
October 27, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, I talk with my great grandmother Harriet Sander about her and her husband, Floyd’s adventures across the country. From packing houses in Florida to Yellowstone National Park to Sin City, Las Vegas, Harriet proves to herself that...

Bill Gurnon on aging and creativity: “All you have to do is be open to someone else’s story”

Bill Gurnon, my uncle, shares his knowledge and discusses creativity in the context of storytelling, music, nature, and family.

“Make something your own.”

An interview with Rosemary Moore, professor of classics and history at the University of Iowa. We talk about her lifetime hobby of knitting and spinning, among other things.

A life of curiosity and the hunt for answers with Evan Foles.

I interview Evan Foles, a retired academic professor from the University of Iowa. We discuss creativity and if our society and education system value creativity.

Arnie Kleppe – Creativity for a Lifetime

Arnie Kleppe is my future grandpa in-law and he enjoys woodcarving, painting, and writing poetry. During our conversation we discussed how he uses creativity to appreciate nature and how creativity has impacted his life.