New immigration Mom interview

We spoke about my moms upbringing and experience immigrating from Cuba to America.

Interview part 2

Talking about my grandparents time from the revolution up to now

Early Life (Pre-Castro)

My grandfather spoke of his life born in Camagüey and moving to havana and then his life going throughout up until Castro and my grandmother did about the same.

Interview with a Supermom

An interview with my mother. We talk about her dreams as a kid, memories of her children, and her parents’ life in Cuba.

Interview with Abuela Olga

I talked with my grandma about her life story and how the Cuban Revolution affected her life.

thanksgiving interview project

this interview is about in general family experiences and how he managed to get over it.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Grandma Eulalia lived in a poor household where she wanted to be a teacher. In this interview she talks about her regrets and her life as a young child living in a poor community. We get insight on the daily...