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My Abuela’s Journey from Cuba

This interview started with asking my grandmother for permission to record the interview, to which she said yes. We got into detail describing how her childhood was in Cuba and how she experienced living in a communist country. She went...

November 30, 2017 App Interview
Story of Ruth

This is an interview of the wonderful kind and strong woman Ruth Perez. This describes her immigration to America and raising her family im a foreign land.

Adibel Agüero

My Cuban grandmother and I discuss her early life, including memories of school and childhood, while we learn stories of her marriage proposal, wedding day, and even how recent political activities have affected her. She also shares some of her...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Grandma (2017)

My name is Alana Fernandez and I am interviewing my grandma, Anna Fernandez in Miami, Florida on November 25, 2017. Topics related to school, childhood, politics, and work were discussed. Anna Fernandez is 82 years old and was born and...

"Yo quiero para mi hijos una vida mejor, de libertad."

This interview is private.

"Tell me about your family's decision to leave Cuba."

This interview is private.

Nov 26: Thanksgiving and Mom’s memories #thegreatlisten

This interview is private.

Tia Janine’s Interview

This interview is private.