Sophia and Yasmin Dmytruk; Japanese Culture to American

Yasmin Dmytruk (48) gets interviewed by her daughter, Sophia Dmytruk (16), for better understanding of her mother's culture, how she came to be, and challenges they both faced together.

Eliud Felix and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Eliud Felix discusses his journey from his life growing up in Manhattan and the Bronx to working at Andover High School. He has deep family values and traditions, and hopes to see them continue through...

Jitdram Kapeel

This interview discusses one of the infamous Marshallese proverbs, Jitdram Kapeel, from Mr. Joel Jeik's perspective as someone who works closely with Iroojlaplap Michael Mañiñi Kabua.

Jitdram Kapeel

This is an interview with Mr. Alle Sorimle who has been a teacher with Kwajalein Public Schools for 39 years. This interview discusses one of the infamous Marshallese proverbs, Jitdram Kapeel, through his perspective. He outlines how this way of...

Arian Velazquez-Ornelas and Elizama Velazquez

Arian Velazquez-Ornelas (42) platica con su mamá, Elizama Velazquez (56), de sus experiencias creciendo en México y los Estados Unidos. Hablan de la familia, el amor, y la comunidad que comparten en ambos lados de la frontera. [Arian Velazquez-Ornelas (42)...

Tanner Spears Kevin Carter 2023

Tanner Spears(18) interviews his uncle, Kevin Carter(52), on culture.

Cultural Interview with Alex

My name is Marvin Gomez and I’m a freshmen in Virginia Tech. I interviews my dorm roommate, Alex. Alex spoke about his meaningful experiences and people in his past. He also spoke about his cultural identity.

Manners are Crucial

19 year old, Justine Kulick, interviews her 61 year old mum, Lisa Kulick, on the topic of culture and what is important to Lisa’s culture.