Recording – 05-20-2024 23:19:27

Boyfriend (Santiago) and Girlfriend (Albany) discuss the role of food in their life and the impact it has made.

How culture, family, and health impacts food

Daughter Isabella (19) interviews father German (62) about their experience sharing a meal at her 15th birthday and how culture, family, and health has impacted his relationship to food.

Culture Class in Public Schools

Helen Mangefel (83) talks with her daughter Martina Mangefel (53) about her experiences as a teacher back in the 1950s and what they taught at the public schools. Helen also talks about what she feels should be taught in the...

Emma and Sarang 04-28-2024 16:02:14

High school friends Emma (19) and Sarang (19) discuss Sarang’s experience with being Indian but not connecting much with Indian culture and religion.

Mitch Clark

My conversation with Mitch Clark about growing up in Peoria, IL, and his decision to move to Chicago. The interview also includes inspirational figures in Mitch's life and his sporting/gaming experiences.

Adelphi University Social Action Economic Injustice- Group 14-Leo F. Giblyn Educator Interview

This interview was conducted as a social action project to highlight the challenges, barriers and needs, that communities facing economic injustice face in the educational system. In this interview, four dedicated teachers (who wished to have their names anonymously tagged)...

Bennett Bowers and Glenda Bates

Bennett Bowers: 2024-04-11 20:19:21 Bennett Bowers(17) interviews Glenda Bates (84) about her memories of the 1960s and her job as a high school teacher during that time.

Arushay Awan

Interview with Arushay Awan about her journey from Islamabad to Bradley University in Peoria, IL

Dylan Van Veldhuizen talks to his grandparents, Steve and Pat.

Dylan Van Veldhuizen (17) talks with his grandparents Steve and Pat Wetlaufer about their experiences in the 1960s: 2024-03-22 21:28:13.