Insight to Preservation of Culture

Synopsis: Brianna Tallboy is interviewed boy Ashley Cruz in which Brianna describes some of the important Navajo Nation values, traditions, and overall importance. The interview gives rise to the importance that respect is cherished to the Navajo Nation not...

Global Arizona

Dual-Citizenship student Thomas Parker talks about the differences between Swiss and American culture, and what it was like growing up between the two.

Generations Project by James Ingram (Part 2)

I am recording my grandpa in this interview. His name is James Love

Generations Project by James Ingram (Part 3)

I am interviewing a close friend in this recording. Her name is Jaylyn Hill.

Generations Project by James Ingram (Part 1)

In this recording I am interviewing my Dad. His name is Dion Ingram.

Interview with Aidan Yoo: Being Korean-American

This interview talks about Aidan’s experiences learning Korean and his advice for someone struggling to embrace his/her cultural identity.

Sofia Stringfield on Cairo, Egypt

I interviewed my friend Sofia from Cairo, Egypt on the culture there and what her transition was like coming back to Texas.

Fatima Said Interview

Interview of Fatima Said, director of Project FINE