My grandmothers story of perseverance and resilience in America

Hello, my reflection was based upon various interviews I had with my grandmother, a 70 year old woman who found perseverance and resilience through her journey of being an immigrant in America.

My older sister

we talked about her life experiences living in Long Beach California and life experiences she has been through.

Daniel Takashima and Laural Takashima

Daniel Takashima (22) and his mother, Laural Takashima (60), discuss life experiences, culture shock, and family.

Niya Nyassa and Linda Joseph Byron

Niya Nyassa (23) speaks with her former teacher Linda Joseph Byron [no age given] about her story, learning to express herself, and her hopes for the future.

Ramatoulie Deen and Reshma Kamal

Friends, Reshma Kamal [No Age Given] and Ramatouli Deen (43), look back on their childhoods in India and The Gambia, describe their experiences immigrating to the United States, share how their role models have shaped who they are today, and...

Michelle Breazale and Terry Breazale

Husband and wife, Terry Breazale (62) and Michelle Breazale (59), talk about their unlikely love story, from their first meeting in Greece, to flying home with their wedding china in the cockpit.

Terre Kovarik Armstrong and Katrina Kovarik Stevens

Sisters Katrina "Trina" Kovarik Stevens (63) and Terre Kovarik Armstrong (65) discuss their family's transition from Washington D. C. to Lebanon, Missouri in the 1970s and share how they acclimated to their new home.

Kathleen Morrissey and Akemi Anders

Longtime friends Kathleen Morrissey (71) and Akemi Anders [no age given] discuss Akemi's firsthand account of the end of WWII in Japan, Japanese-American identity, and the importance of friendship and cultural connection.