Margarita [No Name Given] and Pat Medige

Colleagues Margarita [No Name Given] (31) and Pat Medige (57) share a conversation about immigration, focusing in particular on Margarita's experience coming to the United States and eventually gaining DACA status. Margarita also reflects on the importance of education to...

Monserrat Macias Moreno and Jacqueline Jaramillo

Monserrat Macias Moreno (29) speaks with her friend and mentor Jacqueline "Jackie" Jaramillo (72) about their identity as Latinas, their family histories, and their hopes for the Latino population in the United States.

La estaría inmigración de mi tía

Stephanie de 19 años la entrevista a su tía Karina de 41 años. hablamos sobre las memorias y retos de imaginación a los Estados Unidos.

Hali Calzadillas Andujo and Elliot [No Name Given]

Partners Hali Calzadillas Andujo (29) and Elliot [No Name Given] (24) share a conversation about their work in legal and immigration services, their upbringings, and Hali’s experience growing up as an undocumented immigrant in New Mexico.

Irving Olague and Hannah Arrington Olague

Hannah Arrington Olague (34) interviews her husband, Irving Olague (34), about his earliest memories as an immigrant, connection to DACA, and his journey navigating life before receiving U.S. citizenship. They also talk empathy and hopes for the future.

Maria Andrade and Maria Santana

Maria Santana (33) and her friend and mentor Maria Andrade (53) discuss the case that brought them together, legal advocacy for immigrants, and their hopes for the future.

Andrea Huerta Interview

her story of growing up in mexico to coming over to the US at 10 years old.

Kevin [No Name Given] and Adilene [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Kevin [No Name Given] (59) and Adilene “Addy” [No Name Given] (31) talk about the experiences and identities that shaped their relationships, world-views, and career paths.

The Best Unlikely Friendship

Megan Farrell (23) interviews Daniela Garnica (23) one of her closest friends for the past 4 years, who is also a DACA recipient, about how her status affects friendship, love, and her college experience.

DACA recipient

How DACA changed someone’s life?