Tati’s Emigration

Dad Talía about his experience emigrating from communist Romania to the US through Italy and his experience once arriving to America.

Interview with my totally cool dad :))

my dad has led a very interesting life, and hearing about his stories has always been very special to me. i hope to share his experiences with others and incite that same interest that i have :))

My dads superhero’s

my dad shares with me the biggest influences in his life and how WW2 affected my grandfather and their family

The Value of Life and Stewardship – Mitchel Branden

Mitchel Branden (58) talks with his daughter, Tasha Branden (19) about how his life influenced his time in the U.S. Navy (1980-1984) and how the navy influenced his life post service.

Interviewing Grandpa Donut!

My dad felt like I was grilling him and he wanted to leave

My Dads life Advice to me.

Me and my dad had a good conversation about things I need to do as I’m older, and things he’s wished he’d done and how his life had changed.