LeRoy Schuette and Kay Lynch

LeyRoy Schuette (71) and his wife Kay Lynch (70) share the story of how they met and fell in love after both of them had lost their spouses.

Dancing (Mikayla)

Mikayla and her years of dancing hdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdjdndhdhdhdhddhhddhdhfhdhhfhdhfhffhhchchchdhdhddhdhdhdhdhdhdhdhdbdbdhdhhdhdhfhf

Interview with Moms Friend

Interviewing my Moms friend who is an actor, and she talks about her experiences.

Don Atkins: Growing Up in Rural Minnesota & Enlisting in the Navy (1935-1948)

Donald W. Atkins talks to daughter Michelle Atkins about growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota in the 1930s. Interview recorded in 2008 as part of the inaugural National Day of Listening.

Krishna Pakala and Anne Hamby

Colleagues Krishna Pakala (40) and Anne Hamby (36) share a conversation about their careers and working together as colleagues. Krishna describes happy moments and lessons he has learned in his life, and Anne talks about how she would like her...

The Next Generation of Dancers, VMO, and History Behind the Movement: A Discussion with Danyel Moulton

Dancer. Director. Educator. Danyel Moulton is a staple in the dance community as her wisdom and her power is second to none. Danyel is the founder of LFG, an All Female collective that is most notable for representing Team USA...

Interview with my dance director, Carlo Darang

Carlo discusses his experiences of the LA dance industry, San Diego dance community, years of directing and teaching, and sharing his talents between many people around the world. Carlo is a member of Kinjaz, directs Choreo Cookies and Gwown Ups,...