SPCH Interview

Cooper Lawrence and Sarah Helm discussing fundamental interview questions

Don Atkins: Growing Up in Rural Minnesota & Enlisting in the Navy (1935-1948)

Donald W. Atkins talks to daughter Michelle Atkins about growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota in the 1930s. Interview recorded in 2008 as part of the inaugural National Day of Listening.

Blind Date Romance

Almost 50 years as spouses, Marianna (78) and Bill Roberts (76) share the story of how they met on a blind date in 1972. They got married two and a half years later after only spending about 7 weeks together...

Interviewing My Dad

My Dad (Ross) talks with me (Luke) about his life experiences, going from his childhood to now. He talks about school, his family, jobs, and how he met my Mom. He also touches on some future plans he has.

Glen 1 redo
December 29, 2022 App Interview

he didn’t want to answer the 3rd question. once I stoped recording he said it was probably the day he was blown up. I caught the end in a voice memo where he said a Turkish soldier came to get...

interview with a husband

I interview my husband of 6 years and get to know him a little better. after 8 years of a relationship it’s fun to talk about the more lighthearted dating questions.

The Life of a 100 Year Old

Edie Geier is a 100 year old great-grandma and 11 year old Leda Schedler is here to interview her. From two dates on New Year’s Eve and getting married at 19 to getting jobs of teaching ballroom dancing and typing...

Finding The Right Person

Glenda Matheny, my grandmother is 76 years old. We discussed how she met her now deceased husband, and what it means to find the right person.