Thanksgiving Interview with Amanda Beck

Allison Castillo (15) talks with her mother Amanda Beck about the love and mother daughter bond they have. Going through what they are happy for and how awesome there lives are going.

Generation interview

Erica Cloud(15) interviews her mom Naomi cloud (47) on her experiences in the world. They talk about how mom met dad, mom’s work life, how Erica baby life was, and how their school lives differ.

Warm Bread
November 27, 2023 App Interview

This is a talk between a dad and a daughter. The daughter learns a lot of about he father that she didn’t know.

Nana and Papa’s Life

I (Cora, 15) interviewed my mother’s parents, Nana (Bonnie, 70) and Papa (John, 70). They talked about their time growing up as well as raising my mother.

Raising a Daughter.

Chloe Sanders (18) interviewing her mother, Jessie Sanders (42), about some of the challenges she faced becoming a mother and how it has affected her life. They talk about her mother’s first thoughts upon seeing her daughter for the first...

A Mother’s Fight with Stage 4

This interview includes, 21 year old, Devon Robinson interviewing her mother, 55 year old, Jennie Robinson. Jennie has been battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer since July 2022. In this interview, Devon ask her mother questions about her journey through cancer,...

Mary Brehm and Judith Brehm

Mary Brehm (57) interviews her mother Judith Brehm (91) about her career, her friends, and her late husband.

Ashante Collins and Latrieva Boston

Ashante Collins (30) shares a conversation with her mother, Latrieva Boston (46), about their relationship, how Latrieva handled teenage parenthood, and how they have been able to grow and flourish together.

Fathers Day

Natalie (25) sits down with her dad Brett (69) on Fathers Day 2023 to talk about how fatherhood has changed, and continues to change, his thoughts on the world and on himself.

Beth Hegde & Allie Hyams

Beth & Allie both work on the communications team at Providence Sacred Heart in Spokane. They talk about the time when in a meeting they got word of a school shooting at Lewis & Clark High School in Spokane where...