An interview with Dad

An interview between a daughter and her 91 year old father and some of his history as a Chicano growing up in Los Angeles and his life in the Marine Corps.

You’re a Very Involved Parent Mr. Greathouse: A Father’s Day Interview

An interview of a father by his daughter. We discuss fatherhood starting with his father, and ending with advice for his kids when they become parents.

Interview With Dad

My dad and I went from talking about his job in a movie theatre to having a conversation about how much we mean to each other. The interview was full of learning and loving.

Gab and Dad!

We talked about our immediate family and also so of our extended family. Basically just me asking him what I couldn’t growing up.

Edmund Harris and Eunice Cho

Eunice Cho (33) shares a conversation with her friend, Edmund Harris (56), remembering Edmund’s late wife, Kim.

Mary-Sophia Golden and Noreen Joan Kane

Mary-Sophia Golden (24) is interviewed by her mother, Noreen "Joan" Kane (68), about her interest in marine science, her traveling experiences, adulting, and her most cherished memories in life.

Mary Teague and Sangbahn Scere

One Small Step conversation partners Sangbahn Scere (40) and Susan Teague (81) discuss the impact of being cut off from political discourse by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Multigenerational Values

Father (Efeson Hailu) and Daughter Faven Hailu discuss important life lessons and memories from Efeson’s life.