I love my life

A daughter interviews her Dad about his childhood, debating politics with his dad, when he became a hippy, hitchiking through Europe, discovering the rennaissance faire, and how he met my mom.


An interview with an extremely caring mother on her past, her daughter’s past, the influence of positivity, and a changing society.

My Mother

A few words from my mother dwelling on the past, appreciating the present, and looking forward to the future.

Experiences that shape who we are

Amy Russell sharing experiences of growing up in a small town, life for her in high school, and memories of being an exchange student in Spain.

Great Listen Project

I interviewed my wonderful mom for a school project! I really got to know her better and we shared a few laughs and some really sweet things from her!

Philip Lazar: The Best Dad In The World

In my interview with my dad, we talked about his childhood, family, and school. I also found out why he decided to join the Marine Corps and to become a firefighter. Lastly, he talked about what raising a family is...

GTL 2018/CHS Kayajanian

Today, I interviewed my mother Yaska Camacho. In this interview, my mom talks about her childhood and how I was as a kid.