Dad about Erin pt 2

Dad wraps up his interview about Erin. He speaks about his pride in the incredible woman she’s become.

Mom about Erin

Mom answers questions about her daughter, Erin. She remembers some of the great times she’s had raising this wonderful woman.

Tatev Yeghiazaryan

Tatev Yeghiazaryan (in Brooklyn) speaks with her mom, Karine Arshakyan (in NJ) on mother's day about Karine's life in Armenia during the Soviet era and after its collapse; her emigration and bringing of family to the U.S. and the insightful...

Mother’s Day with 8 year old

Random candid conversation completely unrehearsed so a mother could remember her 8 year old daughters sweet voice.

Proud to be your mother

I am a proud mother of a 15 year old right now about to turn 16 this week. She has been my best friend in the good and had times. I am proud of all her acomplishments and wish the...

Aliyah’s interview with Mom

Talking about our childhoods, advice for the future, and reminiscing on the past. I have a tight relationship between me and my mom, so beware of laughter.

Jillian Wilson and Susan Peters

Jillian Wilson (42) talks with her birth mother, Susan Peters (57) about her experience of motherhood, from being a birth mother to an adoptive parent, and how their relationship has grown after reuniting.