Joanna Bjerum and Lyndia DeShazer

One Small Step partners, Joanna Bjerum (41) and Lyndia DeShazer (79) are natives Kansans that share their experiences in their careers, their family histories, and a love for their state.

Della Wilson Bulkley interview by Michele Bulkley

Michele recorded a conversation with her mother in 2007. It includes many questions about her sister, Carol Ann Bulkley Johnson and her father Rollo Newman Bulkley

Interview with my Mom
May 23, 2022 App Interview

I got the chance to sit down and talk with my mom about some questions about her childhood and how she met my dad. Nothing too deep

Life with a child

My father, Patrick DeLong sharing his experience of having a child and the ways it has challenged him and changed him.

Dad and his daughter

The interview included dads perspective on my childhood and our life together as I grew up, also included family history.

Interview With My Mom

A 23 minute snap shot of different moments of my mom’s life. (It was cut off short at the end due to some technical issues)

Night talks Daughter to Mother

Before we went to bed we talked about life and the differences between our generations.