interviewing my Dad

in this interview I speak with my father mike Danielson (48) and we discuss what we know about the civil war.

Recording – 05-02-2024 17:11:21

Bennett and mother Julie discuss what they were taught in high school about why the southern states chose to secede.

Joanne Ferris and Glenn Holt
December 20, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Glenn Holt (67) and Joanne Ferris (62) share their backgrounds, world views and political values with each-other.

Mimi’s Recording – 11-23-2023 14:37:24

my name is Day Galbreath interviewing my grandmother, Lorraine Galbreath who is 74. throughout the interview she answers questions about her life growing up in memphis during the civil rights movement, her family life, and her advice for future generations,...

Becky [No Name Given] and Jane Pacelli

One Small Step partners Becky [No Name Given] (66) and Jane Pacelli (72) discuss agreeing to disagree, bridging political gaps between family members, and making art.

Janeen Richards and Patricia Burkett

One Small Step partners Janeen Richards (59) and Patricia Burkett (53) discuss family estrangement due to politics on social media, their Covid experiences, and spirituality.

SL Interview

Rene Vasquez (60) talks with his granddaughter, Tyana Vasquez (17) about the Salvadoran Civil War and his experience.

Elaina Behounek and Arlene Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Elaina Behounek (41) speaks to Arlene Baker (68) about the history of politics and sex education.

Us History Podcast

We went over my discussion questions and gave our opinions.

US History Podcast

I talked about the events leading to the Civil War with my dad.