Life of Homero Alviar

In his early life Homero would defend his family which could be the reason as to why he would join the U.S. military, he was very private in school and showed signs of joining the military at a later age...

The last Conversation

Me and my sister sat and talked and laughed as if we were having our last conversation. She talked about what she needed me to do and wanted me to do after she passes on.

Interview with my mother.

My mom gives advice on the most vulnerable points of everyone’s life.

Chris Hirsch (Mom) Interview 2022

Interviewing my Mom on her life. How loss can still be an amazing life.

Steven and Isabella Hoeltzel

Isabella asks Steven about his childhood with his late father and his estranged brother.

Lenora Williams Hameed Omenka

Lenora Williams Hameed Omenka [no age given] shares her experience as a caregiver to close friends and family members with breast cancer and the importance of caring for one's self in caring for others. She shares how these experiences led...

Lessons in growing up young, becoming self-reliant and love during loss with Merrill Leslie and Jeff Maudlin

Merrill Leslie (82) shares stories with her oldest son Jeff Maudlin (66) on surviving a crazy childhood, becoming self-reliant at an early age and the lessons of dignity and love in death with the passing of a child, parent and...