Developmental Interview Project – rv

developmental questions for an assignment. broad range of topics

Megan’s Road Trip to Remember

Megan (20) tells a story about the most important person in her life, her grandfather “Poppy”. She talks about a road trip to his log cabin in Vermont, the many stops on the way, and their special relationship.

Thor Fjellstedt – packing family home in North Carolina to move in with son’s family in Florida

Thorsten Fjellstedt 82 interviewed by his son Anders Fjellstedt 42 in Thor’s home of 35 years as he prepares to move to Florida and live with Anders’ family. Thor reflects on his life in his house in Chapel Hill, NC,...

Charles Mestayer and Franchesca Peña

Charles "Chuck" Mestayer (72) speaks with conversation partner Franchesca Peña [no age given] about surviving a car accident, the passing of his brother, and what he relied on during these difficult times.

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview Yara, a 15 year old, and her grandfather, Dave, who is 80, talk about the continuity and changes from growing up in the 40s to modern day. It explores subjects from wars, innovations, education, and politics.

Pat Day: Death and Bread of Life

Joayne, 48, interviews her Uncle Patrick, 77, about a death experience that led to the discovery and development of a lifelong hobby and a path of connection and service.

Surviving the Death of a Child

Daisy Luke talks to her mother Suzanne Luke about the death of Suzanne’s first child. They talk about grief and how to continue when something terrible happens.