Anjie interviews kiara about life.

In this interview, conducted in September 2019 in Bronx, New York, Anjie interviews her friend Kiara. Kiara shares thoughts on her regrets in life and how her surroundings affected her life. Kiara goes on to discuss questions like how she...

StoryCorps – Death – values and norms regarding death, loss, and remembrance

Familial themes of death, and how ones mentality of death during upbringing afffects the view of death today.

Interviewing My Mom About Death

Today I sat down and talked to my mom about death. I asked her a little about herself to set the scene and then we delved into the subject of death. I asked her about her experiences, thoughts, and emotions...

Discussing Death with Dad

I talked with my father about his opinion of death and also how is norms/values differentiate from Western Culture.

StoryCorps: Death

In this interview, I talked with my dad about death. We discussed the death of his father, how he felt and coped, how he sees death, and what death means.