Thanksgiving listen with love: Loreen Emmonds

A Thanksgiving Listen with my mom. Alone for the first Thanksgiving in over 50 years due to COVID, my parents were happy to open up their kitchen for a chat. “The key thing is to love each other, be kind”....

The great thanksgiving listen by Emily Tillack

Angel is 19 and has been through a lot during her child hood

Interview with Michael Rhine
November 5, 2020 App Interview

This interview is with my dad Michael Rhine. We talk about his life and mine. We talked about his travels, and his work. We also talk about how he met my mom and many other topics.

Interview: Leslie Evans

Today, Leslie Evans (mother) and Kylie Evans (daughter) talked about Leslie’s past, and major events in her life that has effected her today.

Take 1: In memory of my Dad

Vic Danh's reflection on her dad's recent passing. A friend from France, Gwen, helped her recorded via WhatsApp

The Life of My Grandmother: A Woman of Grace, Faith, and Strength

Today we discussed the life, times, and legacy of my Grandmother Muriel Burke. We cover a range of topics from throughout her life, including her trials and tragedies, her overcoming of these and emerging triumphant from them. She is forever...