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Precious Jones and Delilah [No Name Given]

Precious Jones (40) remembers the loved ones she has lost: Preston Jones, Corey Blackwell, Paul Jones, Montay McLaurin, and Eddie Robinson. She talks with conversation partner Delilah [No Name Given] (25) about her organization Breaking Generational Poverty and her work...

Alison Reintjes and Brandon Reintjes

Alison Reintjes (45) interviews her husband, Brandon Reintjes (45), about his childhood in Montana and Michigan, his family, his closest friendships, and his experience becoming a father to their children.

Dealing With Grief: Life After Tragedy

I sat down with my aunt and uncle and talked about their journeys through grief and heartbreak twenty years after the tragic loss of their nine year old son, Alexis.

Celebrating Life

Ming Kuan discusses losing her father and how her family remembers him through cultural practices.

Cory Monteith
February 25, 2019 App Interview

Emmy Rener was one of the last people to see Cory Monteith alive and became internet famous

Her Disappearances Led to Her Overdose!

Carson: Hi Im Carson Shultz doing my uh storycorps project. Im talking to Brendan Burns about his cousin. Who is it in relation to you that you've lost to drugs? Brendan: Uh it was my cousin Marissa. Carson: Was it...

The worst case of drug addiction

This recording involves an interview of a former addict, my cousin, Alex. He recounts the time when his twin brother Anton, overdosed on heroin. This is an emotional interview of how strong Alex remained in the times of grief. Through...