Glenda Bustillos and Destiny Guerra

Friends Glenda Bustillos (22) and Destiny Guerra (24) discuss their work in voter and student engagement at the University of Texas at El Paso and the lessons they have learned from their work.

Story Corps Interview (Human Growth and Development)

Amt Interview includes me Shelby Bennett and my mom Crystal Bennett. We discussed her opinions on her parents affect on her development.

Me, My Mom, and My Microphone

We discussed family heritage, my moms growth in life, and our most crucial life lessons.

iOS 14: All the New and In-Depth iOS 14 Features Guide

Every year Apple make new major software update for iPhone. In 2020, Apple announced the major revision to its operating system at the WWDC 2020 virtual developer conference. The update called iOS14. The new iOS14 Features brings a unique variety of keynote features. With...

Leo’s Interview

This is an interview of my cousin leo. I ask him question the let to who he is and his interests. Leo is a college student who is interested in paleontology. A very imaginative person and a man who has...

Interview with a Leader of Leaders

In this interview, Buddhist Youth Association Leader of Toung Van, Phoung Heiu, sits down to talk about her struggles of creating GDPT Toung Van. She had talked about her time going to America in 2015, and how she had come...

Importance of Cross Socio-Economic Status Interactions on Adolescent Development

This podcast gains a greater understanding of the impacts of cross socio-economic class interactions between adolescents in schools on their overall development. It includes an interview with high school history teacher Patrick Sanger who provides his experiences working with adolescents...


Summary of individuals narrative using developmental information from their stories as evidence for observations and conclusions.

“There was this socially isolated, “Bitch”, that I had to be to protect my vulnerable self”.

A 33 year-old artist retells his story of surviving child sexual abuse, and the role the trauma played in his growth & development.