Struggles to Opportunity with Gail Orzechowski and Sofie LaFratta

Sofie LaFratta interviewed Gail Orzechowski about how growing up with a sister with severe autism translated into her future career as an elementary school teacher. She opens up about the importance of vulnerability and how being vulnerable created a lot...

Luke Alvarez: They Will Surf Again

Luke Alvarez is a science teacher at Carusi Middle School in Cherry Hill, surfer and board shaper. Local to Tuckerton, NJ, Luke also runs a small business where he creates surf boards. Luke makes adaptable surf boards for people with...

Aidan Gray and Robert Bell

Aidan Gray (16) interviews his grandfather Robert Bell (77) about his experiences as a father, grandfather, and scientist after contracting polio as young child.

Joan Heminway and Owen Thurber

One Small Step conversation partners Joan Heminway (60) and Owen Thurber (20) discuss activism, disability, feminism, and workplace discrimination.

Kelly Spain and Julie Kurek

Kelly Spain [no age given] speaks with her friend and husband's physician, Julie Kurek (44). Kelly talks about the symptoms her husband experiences, the challenges she's faced as a caregiver, and how her and her husband's relationship has evolved as...

Debbie King and El Campbell

Debbie King (42) shares a conversation with her friend, El Campbell (31), about gender fluidity, coming out, community, capitalism, and living with a chronic illness.

Nicole Hiers and Ruth Jones

Nicole Hiers (35) shares a conversation with her mother, Ruth Jones (65), about a sudden storm that destroyed their home in 2012, and the challenges their family faced afterwards.

Elizabeth Denehie and Ellen Murphey

One Small Step partners Ellen Murphey (63) and Elizabeth Denehie (48) discuss their upbringing, their families, and their partners. Ellen talks about their experience as a queer person. Elizabeth talks about her experience as a disabled person and a caretaker.