Victor Acevedo and Ajax Greene

One Small Step partners Victor Acevedo (61) and Ajax Greene (66) discuss understanding LGBTQ identities as straight cis men, whether businesses should take political stands, and their fears around aging and disability.

Alaska Woods and Ashton Haslam

Significant others Alaska Woods (20) and Ashton Haslam (21) discuss how their disabilities impact their experiences in queer spaces. They emphasize the need to better accommodate intersectional identities in queer spaces and reflect upon how, particularly following the COVID-19 pandemic,...

Sophie Braker and Carol Braker

Mother and daughter Carol Braker (59) and Sophie Barker (25) discuss Sophie’s chronic illness, disabilities, and the lessons Sophie has learned.

Jing Wu and Aminah Jones

Colleagues Jing Wu [no age given] and Aminah Jones [no age given] share how their personal experiences with healthcare and in the pharmaceutical field have shaped their approach to health equity and patient advocacy.

Delilah Righter and Alicia Bennett

Delilah Righter (24) interviews her conversation partner Alicia Bennett (49) about her life, having a disability, and life in Utah.

The journey to becoming a maintainer with Jessica Tegner

How does one pick up the maintainership baton? Turns out that you can ask for it! Jessica Tegner tells the story of how she went from contributing to pypandoc to being the maintainer of it, and the pressures that come...

Susanne Haynes and Steven Woods

One Small Step partners Steven "Steve" Woods (81) and Susanne "Susi" Haynes (49) discuss their involvement in community theatre, how they maintain their health, and their differing viewpoints on abortion.

Chase Painter and David Winstead

Chase Painter (33) interviews his coworker David Winstead II (41) about his experiences living with Asperger’s and overcoming nerves surrounding public speaking. The two talk about David’s podcast, Tuesdays For Tomorrow, as well as his work at the organization ARCA.

Melva Estrada and Christina Juarez

Melva "Denise" Estrada (51) speaks with her friend Christina Juarez (41) about her experiences in the Army and as a veteran.