Hugo van Waardenburg and Frank van Waardenburg

Frank age 98 on Providence Hospice, of Dutch Indonesian heritage born in east Indies shares reflections with his son Frank who lives with his father about serving in the Dutch Indonesian army and being a prisoner of war for three...

Islamophobia and How We Are Perceived: An Interview with My Brother

In this interview, I talk about being half-Turkish with my younger brother, and how people perceive us both.

Today's America. Alex and Jason: about drugs, prison, discrimination, family, and much more. 04/12/2021

Alex talks with a co-worker - Jason, about drugs, prison, discrimination, family, and much more. This conversation took place in Wilmington, Delaware 04/13/2021

Ethnic Interview on my mother

Her parents being treated differently gave her a new outlook on life and hopes that we can further forward to a day without racism.

Spilling the Tea about Gender Inequality

Topics include: Violence in the workplace, discrimination between women, legally knowing your rights and what you can do and the power of manipulation men have within their status.

Is English really the primary language in America

I have never spoken about the issue of discrimination with any of my grandparents. My grandpa is ill so our conversation had to be short so he can rest but this is the first time I have ever struggled talking...