Karen Ashley & Mike Drummond

As a Black woman, Karen has faced racism in the workplace and has been the only person of color in a meeting many times throughout her career. She shares with Mike what drew her to the DEI work she does...

Charles Kramer and Doug Small

[Recorded: Tuesday, November 15th, 2022] Charles (30) and Doug (68) have a virtual One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. The pair begin by mourning the loss of Lavel Davis Jr., Devin Chandler, and D'Sean Perry, who were killed in...

My Grandfather’s and I
December 3, 2022 App Interview

Robert Martin , age 62 wyat martin , age 17 grandparents house my grandpa's life

Sam Mueggenberg with Liz Codina
November 30, 2022 App Interview

Sam Mueggenberg interviews Liz Codina about her profession and lived experiences as the community investment officer of Kiewitt Foundation.

The Education System
November 17, 2022 App Interview

Callie aged 18 and Kaia aged 19 talk about Kaia’s experiences with the education system as a high-school dropout and what can be improved in this system.

Joyce Hann and Emmy [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Joyce Hann (65) and Emmy [No Name Given] (39) talk about growing up in small towns, business regulation, and the merits and challenges within intentionally connecting with people with whom you disagree.

Arthur Allert and Michael Clement

Friends and coworkers Arthur Allert (65) and Michael Clement (65) share their experiences working at the UT Austin McCombs School of Business. They discuss their own college experiences, the importance of supporting first generation students, and the relationships they’ve made...

Angelia Barfield and Susan Xiong

One Small Step conversation partners Angelina "Angie" Barfield (50) and Susan Xiong (39) talk about their family backgrounds and upbringing, the importance of education and community, and their frustrations with the current state of politics.

Lilian C. and Gary [No Name Given]

Neighbors Lilian C. (54) and Gary [No Name Given] (66) discuss the changes they’ve seen in Harlem through the last two decades and reflect on the special qualities of their neighborhood.

Juanita Dean and Tyler Colón

Tyler Colón (21) interviews his neighbor Juanita Dean (92) about her life in and memories of Harlem. She also talks about her family and her career path.