Benji Ash and his mother Rebekah Leis talk about her life and goals for the future

In this interview, conducted May 30th 2024 in Centerton, Arkansas, Benji Ash (15) and his mom Rebekah Leis (36) talk about her growing up in NorthWest Arkansas, her childhood, becoming an adult, having kids, living with Lyme disease, and at...

Gianluca Gasparini talks to his mother Michele Gasparini about life

Mother and Son Michele Gasparini() and Gianluca Gasparini() talk about Michele’s life and accomplishments. The interview was recorded on May 22, 2024 at their house in orinda, california. Michele shares stories about growing up without a father, navigating life, and...

Elayna and Heather Klug

In this interview, I learned about my mom's life growing up under unfortunate circumstances and how she got to where she is now. We talked about the importance of community, working hard to make a life for yourself, and how...

Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro and Ramon Camacho

Micaela Camacho-Tenreiro (24) has a conversation with her father, Ramon Camacho (57), about milestone moments and their bicultural lives.

Kenji Muro other memories
February 19, 2024 App Interview

Moses Graubard, age 45, interviewing his stepfather, Kenji Muro, age 80, about Kenji’s relationship with his first wife and subsequent divorce, the personalities of Kenji’s two sons when they were young, and about how Kenji initially met Moses’ mother and...

Monalee Kendall, Rit Ritenour, and Bryan Ritenour

Siblings Monalee Kendall (63), Rit Ritenour (69), and Bryan Ritenour (65) honor their late mother and the great life she lived.

Christy McDonald Lenahan and Michael Hebert

Christy McDonald Lenahan (43) interviews her friend and colleague Michael Hebert (59) about his work as a priest and a nurse and his views on religion.

Bob Reau E1 Divorce
December 17, 2023 App Interview

Bob Reau looks back on one of the low points in his life, his divorce with his 1st wife. He reflects on what he felt during that time and how it helped him learn.

Natalie Hogan and Shannon Henley

[Recorded: Thursday, September 14, 2023] Natalie Hogan (19) from Fairfax, VA, and Shannon Henley (19) from Fairfax, VA participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Shannon shares her...