My Nana (the Scicilian One)

I sit down with my Nana (grandma) who is 82, turning 83 in a couple weeks. We talk about her childhood, her job, what it was like when she got a divorce, and how much she loves her family.

Beatriz Gomez

I sat down with my mother to talk about what was her most difficult moments in life. Spanish is the language that is used in our household, she beginnings with the loss of her mother and how she felt during...

Nathalie Luna

In this interview, on December 14,2019 in Salt Lake City,Ut. I (Kimberly Cota) interview Nathalie Luna about her life so far. She shares her stores about the tough times she has gone through and the good memories and lessons she...

Daisy Biggers – GreatListen2018

Daisy’s story of growing up with divorced parents and how it shaped her as a person and a parent herself.

December 19, 2018
inspirational interview with my mom

I conducted an interview with my mom. I got an inside look on the trials and tribulations that she has gone throughout her life.

Broken Family

A family that’s broken and finally comes back together and gets through everything together.

Impact Lab – SF

Steven’s childhood in brief. His path to becoming a teacher… including his relatively brief time working at Apple.