Kevin and Alexa reflect on palliative care fellowship

Kevin and Alexa are both physicians completing a subspecialty fellowship in palliative medicine. In this interview, they reflect on their experiences as medical residents and fellows.

Mona Masood and Nancy Burkey

Dr. Mona Masood (36) and her colleague and friend Dr. Nancy Burkey (65) discuss the founding of the Physician Support Line and the work they do to provide mental health support those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 response throughout...

Interview with Miguel Yarnoz (Wowo)

This is an interview with my Grandfather, Miguel Yarnoz

St John’s Detroit Riverview Hospital
March 31, 2022 App Interview

Two friends who did Internal Medicine residency together in Detroit Michigan sharing memories

Erins experiences with todays doctors and medicine

Erin and I talked about her experiences with modern medicine, doctors, and Covid. She discussed how these topics effected her life and how she handled it.

Dr. Robert Cherry talks about leadership
January 18, 2022 App Interview

Dr. Robert Cherry speaks about his leadership experience and how certain pillars of leadership helped him succeed.

Avery Bennett Interviewing Adrian Bennett on 11/28/2021

We talked about my moms work and what is was like growing up