Karen Stith, Nancy Bentley, and John Atkinson

Spouses Nancy Bentley (76) and John Atkinson (80) speak with their friend Karen Stith (80) about the Charmaine Nymann Community Garden at Bear Creek Regional Park.

Immigration Stories: Anonymous 25 – "I take the position like this – it doesn't matter where I am, it's anywhere is better than Russia."

Anonymous 25 is from Russia and has been living for long periods of time in other cities throughout the world. Landing in Malta has been both a challenging and wonderful experience. She is a resident and birthed her daughter in...

Ford Weiner interviews David Weiner

Ford Weiner interviews his father who talks about what he wanted to do when he would grow up, and the job he has today.

Avery Palmer and Asher Grilli

Friends and colleagues Avery Palmer (22) and Asher Grilli (34) share a conversation about their work with Florida Wildlife Corridor Coalition, the expedition they did with the organization, and what they learned from their experiences.

Disappearance of Madeleline McCann Podcast

Exploring the theories from the Netflix Documentary “The Disappearance of Maddeline McCann

Immigration Stories Italy: Jorida

Jorida Dervishi is an idealist through and through. Jorida came from Albania to Milan 4 years ago and opened her own school for women immigrants to help them learn to speak Italian. While working with her school devoted to women...

An Interview With My Friend Regarding About My 1-minute Documentary Video.

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