John Floyd and Karla Doremus-Tranfield

One Small Step conversation partners John Floyd (51) and Karla Doremus-Tranfield (61) discuss the military, the Constitution, Conservatism and Liberalism, rugged individualism, living rurally, political campaigning, family histories, their children, and dogs.

Interview with my Grandmother on growing up and learning valuable lessons.

Conversation with me (Chandler Peeples) and my grandmother (Mimi) about her childhood, my mom, and grandfather. This was recorded at my house in Vestavia Hills, Al and there are plenty of stories of what it was like growing up in...

Harris, Kaleb (Peer Interview 11/20/23

the interviewer is Kaleb Harris (14) and the interviewee is Connor Sammons (15) and we are peers. The topics discussed were questions about pets and memories of those pets.

Shakoya Hoyte and Jeb Backe

Shakoya Hoyte (21) speaks with StoryCorps Facilitator, Jeb Backe (26), about her upbringing and her current military career. Shakoya describes her reasoning to be in the military— so that her education can be payed for and she may one day...

John Northcutt and XinLing Fritz

One Small Step partners John Northcutt (44) and XinLing Fritz (22) discuss raising chickens, driving around the United States, and collecting pens.

Gennese Springs and Jonathan Swap

[Recorded Friday, May 19, 2023] Gennese (19) and Jonathan (21) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gennese is a UVA student from Colonial Heights, and enjoys music, podcasts, and being outside. Jonathan is also a UVA student...

Emily Frantz Interview

Joey Sturgill interviews Emily Frantz for a college communications project. They discuss animals/pets, family, career aspirations, hobbies, friends, and school.

Gemma and Gemma’s Mom Interview

An interview featuring Gemma Scott and her dog showing Mother.

Amal Abouassaf and Tammam Abouassaf

Tammam "Tom" Abouassaf (53) talks with his daughter Amal Abouassaf (21) about immigrating to the United States, his experience of culture shock, and what he is most proud of in his life.