Interview with Mom

The topic changed various times as the questions went on, but they were about how she has lived her life and how she wants to be remembered. It surprised me, as I did not know a lot of this information....

My Mom: Life Happens

This interview is composed on many little stories my mom has. Plus some input she has in life. Also she refused to stop flipping pages in her magazine im sorry.

Respect (in Spanish)

My mother is with no doubt the person I admire the most and it’s for many reasons, in this interview some of them come to light.


Me(Enmanuel Peña) interviewing my mom (Ana Bonilla) based on her life. She lived in the Dominican Republic for 27 Years and has lived in the United States for the last 23. My mom has gone through a lot in her...

Angielean Broom remembers her husband who served in Vietnam, she talks about the church he built

This interview is private.

“Love is when you can help others and it’s painless”

This interview is private.