Beverly Gibson and Carolyn Jeffers

Beverly Gibson (62) talks to her colleague Carolyn Jeffers (67) about the history of Christ Church Cathedral.

Chris Lampen-Crowell and Bruce Johnson

Chris Lampen-Crowell (63) and Bruce Johnson (68) talk about the process of opening their store Gazelle Sports in Downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the barriers they overcame to make it a success.

Susan Edmondson and Jeff Finn

Colleagues Susan Edmondson (57) and Jeff Finn (42) discuss the development of downtown Colorado Springs and their involvement in this ongoing project. They reflect on the many variables that contribute to a successful downtown area while emphasizing the unique potential...

John Graham and Rhonda Van Pelt

Friends and colleagues John Graham (70) and Rhonda Van Pelt (65) talk about the role and importance of small-town newspapers and discuss how small-town newspapers have changed over time.

Kalika Davis and Laurie Tarbell

Friends and co-creators Kalika Davis [no age given] and Laurie Tarbell (47) discuss their connection to the Occidental Life Building in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, and their vision of transforming it into a community space.

Bob Stubbs On Growing Up in Hallowell & Being Mayor

Robert "Bob" Stubbs (90) talks about his life in Hallowell, in particular his years as mayor in the 1970s and his role in saving Hallowell's downtown district from being torn down for a highway.

Pam Calary and Joan Schatzman

[Recorded: Thursday, March 17, 2022] Pam Calary (59) and Joan Schatzman (70) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. They share their journeys of coming to Charlottesville, and bond over their mutual profession of running guest-houses in the...

“We want to remove any barrier that someone might have to creating art”- Andy and Amy Dudas on creating a space for the community

In this interview, Alison talks with Amy and Andy Dudas, owners of Dudas Law and community builders who are turning a vacant building in downtown Richmond into a place where all are welcome to create art of any form.

Audrey Sundstrom and Molly Klimas

Audrey Sundstrom (56) and her friend and colleague Molly Klimas (49) talk about how they started an annual jazz festival in Grand Rapids, MI.