Jackson and Jerry Munk

Jerry Munk tells Jackson about his early life on the farm and childhood in the 1960's as well how aware he was of counterculture movements and the civil rights movement growing up on the farm.

Interview about the 60s

Interview between Marilin Wirth and Jose De Andrade and Landon Scroggins. In this interview the life experiences MArilin lived during the 60s are discussed.

USH Interview

We interviewed Jim and Brenda DeCoursey. we discuss several topics. And answer questions answered questions.

Tony Catanese (81) avoids fighting in the Vietnam War, saving his life.

Paige Catanese (15) interviews her dad, Tom (55), about his father, Tony (81), about how he barely escaped commanding an American Troop into the Vietnam War due to a thyroid gland condition, saving his life.

Interview with an American citizen about his experience in the 1960s

In this interview I ask questions to a former Vietnam solider about his experience in the war, his experience in the 1960's and his thoughts on the current events in the 1960's

60s Interview with Jerry Ludlow and Beverly Sue Richards

Interview with our grandparents about their live’s in the 1960s. About their time in college, their thoughts about the draft, and their recollections of the Vietnam War.

Alton Walpole and David Bishop

Alton Walpole (76) speaks with friend and former colleague David Bishop (50) about his upbringing, his life experiences, and his film career.