Reynolds, Brandon (peer interview 11/20/23)

we talked about his future and his goals of how he will get his money. Then what he is gonna do with his money.

an interview with christian

we mostly talked about his interests in life. Little things like his dream job, his intersts in hobbies like reading and riding bikes.

David Foote

Uncle David was a man who loved music till the day he passed. Even when life hit rock bottom, he still chased that dream.

Karen Oakley

Karen Oakley [no age given] shares memories and tells the story of a beautiful death concerning her father, Ted Repplier.

Rose Arsenaeus immigration from Canada By: James Keefe

Rose came to America looking forward to the “American Dream”

Thanksgiving Interview

I camryn Wilson and my mother Lakeshia Taylor have a conversation about her childhood and memories.

Thanksgiving Listen

I ask why my family is so thankful this year... listen to the rest to find out!

Me and mom ( let’s talk)

We talked about what the American dream is. We also talked about our country