The Past, the Present, and the Future

While I was interviewing Veronica Cruz I asked questions about her past, the present, and also her hopes for the future. She talked about her childhood, family, and also her choices.

AP Psych Project

Jarod and I talk about life goals and important things in life. He shares some of his favorite memories throughout his life and some of his goals he wants to achieve. We talk about dream houses and where he sees...

Interview with my Mom: Dreams and Things

I ask my mom about a few dreams she has had and told me about, and her best memories and goals, in order to see if I can gather enough information to create narrative honoring her memories and dreams.

Visions are real

Sharing a personal story about having a vision becoming the mayor of Fort Collins Colorado well shining shoes as a kid.

Interview with a Supermom

An interview with my mother. We talk about her dreams as a kid, memories of her children, and her parents’ life in Cuba.

Never give up on your hopes and dreams

In this interview I sat down with my grandmother and I briefly talked about her life and what she thinks of me and some happy memories.

My Mom’s American dream

This is an interview of how my mom, Crystal Pipersburgh, views the American Dream.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Leonardo Kani and Mertie Kani

I started talking to my grandpa and I learned so much from him that I didn’t even know. But since he had to go do something, I ended up interviewing my grandma who also surprised me with the answers she...